Sergei Wicking
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Sergei Wicking was surrounded by music since a young age and recently has taken to writing his thoughts and feelings about new artists. He loves diversity and his music tastes are very eclectic. Anything that makes him move and nod is good music in his opinion. He tries his best to sum up what music says to him, in his own words.

Lull – Cursed

f you want to feel lulled but cursed at the same time then this is the track for you! Lull manage to caress you softly with their new track ‘Cursed’ whilst simultaneously throwing an evil spell over y…

Paragon – Tuff

ristolians Sam Shotaka and Tom Wheeler are Paragon. ‘Tuff’ is their first release together it will be tough to top. It is a wicked medley of house music, drum and bass, garage and grime which comes to…

Jay Som – Rush

oniker Duterte AKA Jay Som who resides in San Francisco is due to release a 7” with her A track ‘I think you’re alright’ being debuted on soundcloud earlier last month. ‘Rush’ is the counterpart B-sid…