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Ruth Jiang is a music nerd. At HighClouds, she writes the most about everything that falls in the electronic spectrum... She is also a freelance music publicist and a writer at Earmilk.

Popeska – I Believe

ibrant and journey-like are definitely the first two words that come to mind after listening to this new Popeska track. Popeska, otherwise known as Raif IRL describes himself on SoundCloud like this: …

Laces – Freedom

emember when Rachel Platten released “Fight Song” last year and it was like “the” empowerment song of the year? Nothing better than some good ol’ pop that sends good feel…

The Swoons – Sabre

Hello, hello, happy official Tuesday! Today, I’d like to share a cool tune I picked up last week. So downtempo electronic music is something I like a lot. And with this new single by The Swoons,…