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Ruth Jiang is a music nerd. At HighClouds, she writes the most about everything that falls in the electronic spectrum... She is also a freelance music publicist and a writer at Earmilk.

BATTS – Lie To Me

Contrary to belief, sometimes music bloggers do, in fact, read other music blogs besides the ones they write for. I was browsing Semplesize the other night and found this girl called BATTS and like…

luhx. – no rush.

Boston-based act luhx. is back with a new track, “no rush.“, I think it’s safe to say they’ve got that moody, indie pop thing down pat. luhx. puts on an amazing live show, (I c…

UNNO – Sirens

French band UNNO, which stands for The UNexpected NOte is a trio that was formed in 2011. It comprises of Awir Leon, Tismé, and J.Kid. “Sirens” is the first track off of UNNO‘s ̶…