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Tree Thomas – Say My Name

Oakland multi-talented rapper, Tree Thomas, recently released a new project “Say My Name” making remakes of popular records such as “Break You Off” by The Roots as well as artists like Rihanna and Ste…

JANE – Sister

Following his debut “We Don’t Wanna Dance”, Los Angeles artist JANE is back with another tailored-for-the-dancefloor pop track: “Sister.” JANE is a singer-songwriter from…

Ivey – Last Week

Since appearing on the scene in 2013, Australian quartet Ivey have continued to grow in leaps and bounds, and their latest offering “Last Week” doesn’t disappoint either. Ivey‘s R…

Clifford Cartel – Jesus

With a talent that transcends beyond emceeing, Clifford Cartel is a man of extensive gifts whose music inspires the unknowing and guides the ambitious. He is out with a new track titled “Jesus”. The t…